It was June 1955. Dwight D. Eisenhower was President of the United States. A new house cost about $17,500, and the Dow-Jones average was 488. Minimum wage was 75¢ an hour, Tennessee Ernie Ford had a hit song with “Sixteen Tons”, and Mickey Mantle hit career homerun #100. The temperature in Baton Rouge was approaching three digits in the tent with the rolled up sides, which was on Mollylea Drive. The sign facing the road announced, “The Future Home of Broadmoor Methodist Church”.

Some eighteen months earlier, a visionary Board of Missions and Church Extension of the Baton Rouge district bought four lots in Broadmoor Subdivision. On June 19, 1955, the District Superintendent, Rev. Edward Harris, delivered the first sermon. The following Sunday, 54 charter members were received. On this second Sunday for the new church, June 26, 1955, Scharlie Lawson (now Mrs. James R. Neal) became the first person baptized. The charter roles were closed on July 31. One hundred twenty-eight people had walked down the sawdust aisle to join the new church. “A fellowship which shall in very truth become the Body of our Lord,” said our first minister, Rev. J. Phillip Woodland.