What is "Men of Broadmoor"?

Men of Broadmoor is the United Methodist Men's organization of Broadmoor United Methodist Church, chartered with the United Methodist Church.

Who are the Men of Broadmoor?

Membership to Men of Broadmoor is open to all men of the congregation, from high school seniors through senior adults, who subscribe to the purposes and objectives of the organization.

What is the Men of Broadmoor about?


Men growing in Christ so others may know Christ.

(Expanded): The Men of Broadmoor shall be an inviting and growing community of men, who seek to know Jesus Christ, to serve Him by seeing those in need and taking appropriate action, to grow spiritually through the encouragement of our members and the development of Christian relationships of all those we encounter, and to seek God's will daily.

Primary Objectives:

  • To be in service to the church, its members and the community.
  • To be Christian leaders in our families and mentors to other men.
  • To invite others to participate in the community of faith.
  • To provide support, encouragement and accountability to one another.
  • To be open minded and open to change.


The Men of Broadmoor organization is aligned with United Methodist Men and its calling to strengthen the congregation by:

- Bringing men together in fellowship to provide inspiration, information and direction for Christian service;
- Revealing, reclaiming and reactivating the talents of men which can be drawn upon to carry forward the mission of the church;
- The discovery and development of new leadership;
- Serving as a recruiting ground to develop new followers of Christ;
- Undergirding the total work of the church, spiritual, missionary and financial;
- Strengthening and enhancing the work of the church and its pastor;
- And, by connecting with the common goals and purposes of the UMM's international, national, conference, district and local organizations.


JOIN US and enjoy opportunities to make a meaningful contribution to the mission of the church!

JOIN US and share the benefits and blessings of like-minded Christian men! 

If you are already active in an area of service on behalf of BUMC, let us know so we can recognize it and share it with others.


We welcome your participation and suggestions for service projects, activities or event topics. Contact us using the above address. Someone with the Leadership Team will consider the suggestion, assess the project and contact you as needed. Include all appropriate details.


Men of Broadmoor Leadership Team 2016-17:

President:   Greg Beck
Vice-Pres:   Allen Posey
Secretary:   Wayne Wroten
Treasurer:   Robbie Shadoin
Event / Project Leaders:  Warren Mayeux, Kurt Carlson, Jerry Hammons
Communication Coordinator:  Dan Hill

Quick Links for additional information:

- General Commission on United Methodist Men website.
- Louisiana Conference of The United Methodist Church website.


Men of Broadmoor Photos

Photos from the Men's Steak Dinner, June 20, 2017
Guest speaker:  Rev. Bertrand Griffin II

Hungry for steaks Sounds like fun to me 

Preparation helpers Emcee Jack Kyle

Donnie welcomes Bertrand Greg welcomes everyone 

Rev Bertrand Bertrand message 

Bertrand speaking to crowd 

Louis Decell with a question Henry Ramos with a question 

Ernie Freeman with a question Ted Varnado thanks Bertrand