Welcome to the nursery/childcare facilities at BUMC. It is our desire that all of the children who come our way will be happy, feel safe, and know that God loves them and so do we. In order to ensure this kind of environment for your child, we have established policy guidelines for our church. Our Nursery/Childcare Supervisor is responsible for the facilities and all nursery/childcare use.

On your first visit to the nursery you will fill out an information card about your child. The card will be filed in the supervisor’s office so that we will have all necessary information when needed.

Sheets:
A Sign-in Sheet needs to be completed each time you leave your child in our care (parent’s name, location, special instructions, etc.). Sheets are posted outside the door of the room in which your child will stay.

We will gladly warm a bottle for your baby. No foods will be given to your baby except what is brought in the bottle. On Sunday mornings only a small snack (plain cookies or crackers) will be given to children in the toddler and 2 year old rooms. All snack items will be purchased by the Nursery/Childcare Supervisor. Please notify the nursery/ childcare staff verbally of any food allergies each time your child enters the facilities and write it in the “special instructions” portion of the sign-in sheet.

Diaper Bags:
Nursery logo diaper bag tags are available for your use through the nursery staff worker in your room. Please label with your child’s name the diaper bag, bottles, pacifiers, snuggle toys, and any other personal belongings.

Parents are requested to notify the nursery/childcare staff of any allergies, special instructions or needs regarding your child. No medications are to be given to any child while in our care.

We are committed to protecting the health of your child/children by providing a clean environment for them. Health policies have been established to safeguard the health of children and staff, to minimize illness and the spread of communicable diseases, and to comply with state and parish regulatory requirements. All paid nursery staff have taken first aid and are CPR certified. Children exhibiting signs of illness will not be allowed to use the nursery/childcare facilities. If a child has already entered the facilities, the parents will be notified so that others will not be exposed to their illness.

Please do not bring your child to the facilities with the following symptoms:

  • discharge from the eye
  • pink eye
  • infestations (lice, etc.)
  • runny nose
  • coughing
  • sneezing
  • contagious skin rash
  • fever (within last 24 hours)
  • diarrhea (within last 24 hours)
  • vomiting (within last 24 hours)


Nursery Sunday School Classes

All classes are located in the Children’s Ministries Building.


Crib Rooms (0–12 mos)
Room 101 & 102

Toddler Rooms (13–24 mos)
Room 103 & 105

Room 106 & 107

Room 109


Crib Rooms (0 – 12 mos)
Room 101 & 102

Toddler Rooms (13 – 24 mos)
Room 103 & 105

2 Year & 3 Year Olds
Room 106