9:00 a.m. Classes

Building Faith Foundations
Parlor (Community Ministries Building Room 1)

Young couples (married, engaged, dating) in their 20's and early 30's meet on Sunday mornings to learn how to strengthen their relationship while growing in faith together as a couple. 

Adult Building Room 203

A group of persons of all ages, The Explorers Class is interested in studying the Bible as a tool to examine life and determine how God calls people to live. They enjoy lively discussion, wonderful fellowship, shared leadership, as well as involvement in a number of service projects. Members, with occasional guests, teach the class.

Adult Building Room 103

The Friendship class is a Bible study class of working and retired persons in their 50’s and 60’s. The class features lessons based on the Bible and faith-in-life topics. Several times a year the class participates in mission projects sponsored by the church.

Adult Building Room 102
A class especially for married couples with young children, The Genesis Class enjoys regular social gatherings as well as their time on Sunday mornings. Sometimes these gatherings are just for the adults and sometimes for their families at large. Sunday mornings feature discussion of timely and relevant topics for young Christian families.

Adult Building Room 105

The Gumbo class is comprised of married and single adults over 60. Class lessons range from Bible studies to various books about issues of faith and life and are led by members. In addition to spiritual growth, the class is committed to mission projects and the building of friendships.

Adult Building Room 104

The Lagniappe Class involves people of all ages who are committed to knowing more about God. They often view life’s experiences from different perspectives and enjoy study of the Bible, contemporary issues, and faith-in-life topics. The class is taught by a rotating team of class members, with an occasional guest speaker.

New Horizons
Adult Building Room 204

People in their mid-30’s to early 50’s with children ranging from toddlers to college age, enjoy the New Horizons class. It is taught by members, with lessons and discussions on a variety of biblically based topics. Members of the class also enjoy monthly supper clubs, annual trips, and outreach involvement.

Adult Building Room 201

A lively class of mature couples and singles that focus on faith-in-life issues and practical application of the Christian ethic, Seekers enjoys discussions and presentations by guest speakers and members. The class is active in its support of missions and community needs through donations of money and needed items. Members and guests have fun and fellowship at a variety of social activities sponsored by the class.

Adult Building Room 202

A class for people mid-30’s and older, The Serendipity Class enjoys topics ranging from Bible study to discussions related to family issues. It is taught by members of the class, and they love to get together throughout the year for fun and fellowship.

The Next Step
Adult Building Room 106

This multi-generational class is comprised of people from many backgrounds and different denominations. It takes Bible study to the next step in looking at scripture when it was written—including language, customs, and history and compare the message as it was meant then to what it means to us today. The class is also involved in many areas of need within our church and community.


10:30 a.m. Classes

Ed McDonald
Adult Building Room 102

Many in The Ed McDonald Class have grandchildren or great-grandchildren, making this group of mature adults ideal for retired persons. Coffee and visitation begin at 9:30 a.m., and for its study the class follows the Genesis to Revelation series. 

Adult Building Room 205

The Fellowship Class is comprised of persons 55 years of age and older. Walt Joiner teaches from the International Adult Bible Studies and the lessons provide the opportunity to participate in discussion. The class also participates in many mission endeavors and service opportunities.

Adult Building Room 106

The Lamplighters Class is for couples and singles 55 years and older. It is focused on faith, friendship, fun, and fellowship. Lessons usually follow the Adult Bible Study series and are taught by class members.

Adult Building Room 105

This is a group of married and single adults who study the Bible (or related materials) together. Centered on lively discussion and warm fellowship, they are involved in service and feature several opportunities each year to gather socially. Class members lead the group discussion each Sunday.


11:30 a.m. Class

Adult Building Room 201

A large group of single adults, the Celebration class enjoys one another's fellowship and the support and study of single adult issues. The class features an active calendar of social events and service opportunities, as well as the caring attitude and comfort of other single adults. Click here to visit their webpage.